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What kind of movement is used in the watches?

When creating the OLEVS watches, the craftsmen did not look past one feature. They paid all their attention to make sure it was perfectly made. So, to make things perfect, OLEVS watches run with the Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz Movement, one of the industry's popular movement types.

Are the watches waterproof?

Not exactly. Let us explain this to help you understand. There are different levels when it comes to checking if the watch is waterproof. It is measured with ATMs. So, 3 ATM means 30 meters in water.

With this said, Classic, Boulevard, Signature, 40 series, and Avenue watches have a 3 ATM water resistance. This means that the watches cannot come in contact with water. Please keep them away as the damage is not covered in the warranty then.

The Nova and Chrono watches have a water resistance of 5 ATM. This means that they can withstand a bit of water and a brief submersion underwater, like hand washing. They cannot survive when worn while bathing or swimming. For that, the modern sports and voyager watches that have a 10 ATM can be used. This means that these watches can be worn while you swim or go snorkeling. But keep in mind, they cannot be taken when you go SCUBA diving.

What is the glass made of?

The glass used in the OLEVS watches is made from the hardened mineral crystal.

What kind of leather is used?

The leather straps that you find on the OLEVS watches are made of genuine cow-hide leather.

What kind of batter is used in the watches?

The batteries used in the Gala, Signature, Modern Sports, Voyagers, Chronos, Classic and MOD watches are SONY SR626SW. On the other hand, the 40 series, Nova, Avenue, Boulevard, and Revolver watches use the SONY SR621SW batteries.

How do I get my battery replaced?

You can buy our batteries from any electronic store. Just take your watch to a watch repair shop, and they will help you with the right battery replacement. We advise you not to replace the battery on your own as it would need some tools to open the watch, and you can end up damaging the piece.

Is it possible to change something in my order once it has been placed? What to do to get it changed?

If you want to cancel or change something in your order, please contact us instantly. As soon as the warehouse processes your order, we will be unable to make any changes.

Why was my order canceled?

If your order was canceled all of a sudden, it might be due to our fraud filter. This filter usually marks suspected actions as fraudulent ones. To ensure that you are the person placing the order, then place the order again with your account. You can contact us to know more!

When will the order be shipped?

As soon as you make the payment and your payment has been verified, it will take up to 24 hours to process and then ship your order. The processing time does not include national holidays or weekends. Any purchase that has been made at the end of the day will not be shipped out until the next business day. So, if you place an order on a Friday evening or night, it will be shipped out on the coming Monday, if it is not a holiday.

Do I need to pay for International duties and taxes?

Yes, your order might be subjected to taxes and duties. The amount for these fees is levied as soon as the shipment reaches your country. Usually, the amount is 20% of the cost of the merchandise is USD. However, this is a general idea, and it can vary from country to country to which the product has been shipped. To know more about the amount, you will need to contact your customs office.

Kindly note that we do not control and are not responsible for any of the taxes or duties applied to the package. Hence, you will be solely responsible for paying for the charges that are applied for customs clearance. And the custom policies are different everywhere. Contact your local customs office to get more details. Also, it is important to note that there can be a rare occasion where your order can be delayed due to customs clearance.